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Media Arts Club (MAC)

Junior & Senior Translators

MAC Junior & Senior Translators 2021

is open to register


  • To train students to become excellent readers, writers and translators through MAC’s project-based activities and allow students be part of life skill in producing the PRC bilingual magazine





How will you benefit from the project?

  1. Students will learn Phonetics.

  2. Students will learn to write professionally.

  3. Students will learn to translate from Thai into English and from English into Thai, including translation techniques.

  4. Students’ reading and writing skills will improve.

  5. Students will experience life skills through translation.

  6. Students will have the opportunity to join writing and broadcast seminar with BBC Thailand.

  7. Students’ work can be put in a professional portfolio.

  8. Translator could be your future career.

  9. The opportunity to work part time with ‘Harris Institute Translation Center’

  10. Free Courses provided are only for chosen participants: (all applicants will be tested)

       -Basic/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Advanced Translation Courses

Who can join?


      We’re looking for middle school students (Grades 8-9) and high school students (Grades 10-12) who are good at English speaking, listening and writing.

       At “MAC junior & Senior translators,” you’ll learn English skill in combination with reading, writing and translation practices, including knowledge in interpreting and presentation.

      MAC translation teachers are highly educated and have professional experience in the fields they teach. They’re university professors and professionals in the community. They teach life communication skills to students like you through MAC’s project-based learning activities.


Please click below for the application form


MAC Junior & Senior Translators’ meeting:

Place: At the Harris Institute Language Center

Meeting Time: Every Tuesday from 17:00-19:00 pm

Students’ advisors:  T. Pratinrat Villarroel (T. Nan) and CMU Professors

Project manager: T. Pratinrat Villarroel (Tel. 053-242038 ext. 252)

from now until May 16, 2021

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